How to reindex data from cluster to another

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I want to reindex data of index 'A', from cluster 'X' to cluster 'Y'. I have whitelisted the 'X' cluster host in cluster 'Y' using reindex.remote.whitelist: in all elastic nodes.
But I got "message": "Client request timeout" as message.
Configuration details:
Cluster X: Version:7.2.1,
Nodes count:5 data & 3 master
Cluster Y: Version:7.2.1,
Nodes count: 3 data/master nodes(no dedicated master node).

Kindly help me to reindex data from one cluster to another cluster.

POST _reindex
"source": {
"remote": {
"host": "X cluster host and ip",
"username": "user",
"password": "pass"
"index": "source",
"query": {
"match": {
"test": "data"
"dest": {
"index": "dest"
Thanks in advance.


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