How to remove an index shard allocation include/exclude filter

(Bittu Sarkar) #1

I'm using Elasticsearch 1.3.4.

I've created an index with the following setting:

"index.routing.allocation.include.tag" : "value1"

elasticsearch.yml file contains the following line:

node.tag: value1

As part of some refactoring, I want to get rid of the tag attribute from elasticsearch.yml and create new indices without the above setting. But if I do that, shards of existing indices will not be allocated on the nodes which have the attribute removed.

For existing indices, while I can change the value of "index.routing.allocation.include.tag" to any string, apparently I "cannot get rid of it". Is this feature even supported? If yes, can you please help me solve this problem? If no, do you think this feature makes sense and should be supported?

(Ed) #2

Sorry, I don't know routing to well but 2 items I might try

Try exporting, delete the index, then make your change and re-importing the index.

or Try the snapshot backup and restore

Hope this helps

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