How to "remove" cluster.routing.allocation.awareness.attributes

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We're using Elastic in all our environments from dev, qa to prod. We're currently using cluster.routing.allocation.awareness.attributes on all our clusters based on the attribute "aws_availability_zone" meaning that we want our cluster balanced based on the AWS availability zones distribution.

For the example i'll just use us-east-1a, us-east-1b, us-east-1c AZ's. It works as expected but we're reworking the dev, qa stack in other to save AWS cost and in other to do so we decided to do Single AZ cluster. Meaning that all our 3 nodes ( for dev / qa ) would be on the same AZ. I'm kind of new to ES and couldn't figure out a way to properly reallocate shards.

How would you achieve such reallocation? If I don't do anything and just add the nodes in the same AZ because of the awareness i'm stuck with unassigned shards ( yellow cluster ) and of course this is expected. I tried removing the awareness but it seems to be coming back all the time. Or maybe I just need to choose another attribute ( let's say "dev" ) and assign that attribute to other nodes and it would work?

Any insights?

Thank you to help a newbie :blush:

can you explain what you mean with 'seems to be coming back all the time'? Unless this feature is configured somewhere in index template, that is very unlikely to happen.

I fixed it. It was a code 18 from me. Move along :smiley:

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