How to remove /n characters from index

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I am working on ES 6.3.X and I am using a external web crawler to crawl the data and when I check the index it has a lot of new line characters. Is there any suggestions to avoid the new line characters.

         \tAbout\n\tSchools\n\tProspective Students\n\tGalleries\n\tNews\n\tEvents\n\tFaculty & Staff\n\tContact\n\n\n                        \n\n                        \n                            \n                                \n                                    \n                                \n                                \n                                    \n                                \n                                \n                                \n                                    \n                                \n                                \n                                    \n                                \n                            \n\n                        \n\n                        \n                            \n                                \n\n                                \n\n                                \n\n                            \n\n                        \n\n\n                        \n\n                    \n\n                \n\n            \n\n\n            \n                \n                    \n                        About\n                    \n                    \n                        Schools\n                    \n                    \n                        Prospective Students\n                    \n                    \n                        Galleries\n                    \n                    \n                        News\n                    \n                    \n                        Events\n

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Why not solving that in your crawler directly?

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I tried in my crawler but I have a limited resources on that. That's the reason I posted here whether any solution for that in elastic search side.

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You can look a filters to add to your mapping, in my project I have a filter like this one for special chars:


        "char_filter" : {
            "custom-quotes" : {
                "mappings" : [
                "type" : "mapping"


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