How to remove range details from label

(Mike W) #1

When I add my custom label to count - it works perfect.
But when I add bucket with Date Range it displays the date range before my label. How can I get rid of the range label so there is my label only?

(CJ Cenizal) #2

Hi Mike, could you please share a screenshot and tell me which version of Kibana you're using? Thank you.


(Mike W) #3

Kibana version: 6.4.1
Please see the screenshot attached, I'd like to hide those details with date ranges.

(Mike W) #4

Any ideas ?:slight_smile:

(CJ Cenizal) #5

I see, thanks Mike. It's not currently possible to hide that value. Please feel free to submit a feature request on our repo.


(Mike W) #6

ok I got rid of it :wink:

(Mike W) #7

any idea where/how can I control it? using css, json. I'd like to create a plugin for this but I have no idea where to look for those variables and how to control them

(system) #8

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