How to remove some items in the header


As shown in the picture below, I want to remove some items in the red box on the top header.

My kibana version is 7.9.2

What I have done so far is modifying the seemingly relevant items in the path below


Of course I erased ~/kibana/optimize and restarted

Is there a way?


hi @hayzjd836 , I'd recommend against it trying to hack this. This code moves around, and it's possible that removing has unintended consequences for your users.

There's an outstanding feature-request for this, for users to modify the theme: Easy way to customize Kibana logo and theme · Issue #17879 · elastic/kibana · GitHub. I would participate in the conversation there, and share your example.

If you'd still want to fork and modify Kibana 7.9 in this way, I would just add some .css that changes the visibility of those two buttons: the header-logo and the spaces-logo. You can use the dev-tools in your browser to identify them.

Thank you for your advice
I'll try as you say!