How to remove text from variable. Alerts

Hi. First post, so I am sorry if this is in the wrong categorie.

I am trying to set up an alert for my system. I got everything working but having problems with formating the message sent to the users. I have the following

	"text": "Regarding **{{context.hits.0._source.url.path}}** at time {{context.hits.0._source.@timestamp}}" 

This is results in

Regarding Data : /collect/usage/new/users at time 2024-02-09T12:43:16.480Z

I want to remove the text part "Data : /collect/usage" and if possible replace the T in with a space and remove the Z.

I am a bit new to the system so I am having problem inserting any kind of code. Would like to use some kind of split function but not gotten it to work.

Any help appreciated

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