How to rename filebeat fields

(Spring Ck Wyy) #1

how to rename filebeat fields?

I need 'rename' source to 'path'.
and need to rename 'beat.hostname' to 'host'.

Beacause I use ‘path’ and 'host' in es.

thank you @@@

(Andrew Kroh) #2

In the upcoming v6.3.0 release there will be a rename processor in Beats. See

But until that is released you need to use either Logstash or Ingest Node to rename fields.

(Spring Ck Wyy) #3

Excuse me, and when to release v6.3.0 for filebeat?

(J Pantsjoha) #4

I need this feature on filebeat also. some JSON log has several examples of repeated field names. especially with a dot-notation.


(Andrew Kroh) #5

v6.3.0 is available now.

(system) #6

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