Rename field with filebeat

I am trying to rename non json field with filebeat but json field also getting renamed. Not sure what i am missing. Can some budy help me?

Here is my config.

  index.number_of_shards: 1
  index.number_of_replicas: 1
  index.mapping.ignore_malformed: true
  hosts: ["localhost:9200"]
    - index: "%{[fields.env]}-%{[]}-%{[]}-%{[fields.type]}-%{+yyyy.MM.dd}"

  ### API Trace
  - type: log
      env: hello
      app: hi
      name: a
      type: trace
      - /var/log/json/*.json
    json.ignore_decoding_error: true
    json.keys_under_root: true
    json.add_error_keys: true
      - rename:
           - from: "context"
             to: "context_str"
          ignore_missing: false
          fail_on_error: true
                   context: '^\{\}$'
      - decode_json_fields:
          fields: ["message", "context", "input", "body", "response", "content", "request"]
          process_array: true
          max_depth: 15

Do you have some sample input event?

context field with Json: { "@timestamp":"2019-04-23T16:33:16.045Z", "context":{"test1":"test1", "test":"test"} }
context field with nonjson: { "@timestamp":"2019-04-23T16:33:16.045Z", "context":["test|test|test|test|test"] }

there will be a rename processor in Beats. See .

But until that is released you need to use either Logstash or Ingest Node to rename tellpopeyes fields.

@Raju_Gupta, Kindly provide the output you are getting during event publish. Which version of filebeat are you using?

@Phillip7631, From filebeat version 6.3 "rename" processor is already available.

The context field is a valid JSON object. You can not capture it as a string and rename, as it's already parsed. JSON support in filebeat parses the complete document as is. Reading your config I guess you assume all top-level fields still to be strings. This is not the case.

The regexp.context filter can not succeed, cause regexp condition looks for a string or an array of strings, yet you present it either an object or and array.

Your options are (one of):

  • Drop the context field, so indexing works
  • Create an Ingest Node pipeline with painless script to process the events. JSON can be parsed either in Beats or Ingest Node
  • Enforce some stronger types/schema for the context fields
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