How to replicate Heartbeat menu on dashboard

So we have this menu on heartbeat where we can select between ALL, UP and DOWN.

And what I've been trying to do is replicate this little menu by Markdown. I did the "ALL" part since it was simply sending the link back to the same dashboard but still couldn't make the "UP" and "DOWN" work as I still don't know a way to pass the filter parameters into the link.

Here is how it is looking like right now:

There is UP and DOWN but that's just how I made it appear by setting the chart in Lens, the parameter is "Unregistered = DOWN" and "Registered = UP"

To the point of the question, I want to make that "Up" and "Down" on Markdown to filter all the info, here is how it is looking like right now:

[All](#/dashboard/d62f0450-0c3c-11ed-85b4-bd21ebef9a1f?_g=(filters:!(),refreshInterval:(pause:!t,value:0),time:(from:now-15m,to:now))) | Up | Down

Can't tell for sure if is possible but I'll be glad if theres anyone to help.

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