How to retrieve index template version number using High Level REST API

I am new to elasticsearch. I am looking for example how to retrieve index template version using HLRest API. I saw some posts indicating that this is not possible?

Hey @Cat, does this documentation about index template versioning answer your question?

Is there a solution where I can use it in conjunction with REST High Level call?

@Cat if you're referring to the Java high-level REST client, I believe the "Get Template" call will return a structure that should include the version field for the template you ask for:

I've tried both GetIndexRequest(...) and GetIndexTemplatesRequest(...). Both resulted in

2020-05-13 17:14:22.962  WARN 7 --- [nio-9991-exec-3] o.e.c.RestClient                         : request [GET http://<myES>/_template/documents_metadata_template?master_timeout=30s] returned 1 warnings: [299 Elasticsearch-6.8.7-c63e621 "[types removal] The parameter include_type_name should be explicitly specified in get template requests to prepare for 7.0. In 7.0 include_type_name will default to 'false', which means responses will omit the type name in mapping definitions."]

What do I need to set and where? Do you have an example of how to retrieve the version?

Thank you very much for your help,