How to reverse search given a new document in the query in elasticsearch?

I asked this question here:

But here it goes:

Here's the usecase:

I have a few types, let say city, country, music genre, music artist, etc., and given a sentence, I'd like to find all instances of any of those types in my given sentence.

How should I do it in Elasticsearch?

I'm thinking of putting the entities (city, country, etc.) each in a type, and then ideally, I'll give a sentence, and it would find all instances of them for me.

So for instance, if I have these:

city: [berlin, paris]
music-genre: [jazz, blues]

and I give the sentence "I like jazz festivals in berlin", then it should return me:

jazz: position X, score 1
berlin: position Y, score 1

So in a sense, instead of having I like jazz festivals in berlin as a document and then searching for berlin or jazz, the sentence is the query and berlin and jazz are the documents.

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