How to run filebeat without Kibana?

Hello Dear,

I would like to run filebeat. But it always asks Kibana. Could i run filebeat setup without Kibana ?
This is the error.

I have given comment to filebeat.yml especially "#setup.kiban"

If you aren't going to use the dashboards then just skip the setup command completely. When Filebeat first connects to Elasticsearch it will setup the index template for you.

You can run filebeat setup -h to see that it has additional flags such as --template or --pipelines for limiting the scope of the setup.


I have followed your step to filebeat setup -h and then i gave command filebeat setup --template after that i did service filebeat start and the feedback was Config is OK. When i check service filebeat status, filebeat is not running.

Should i downgrade to other Filebeat version ?

I decided to follow these steps
I don't use modules anymore, just pointing paths to exact log path (example : apache2 -> /var/log/access.log)

please check filebeat log in /var/log/filebeat and provide us.
Yes for your question, yes if you are using default template then no need to setup kibana host details and later you can use from elasticsearch .


Filebeat is running and give me the report when i typed filebeat -e -c filebeat.yml or filebeat -e only should be enough. So, i don't follow this step filebeat setup -e on this link I think that step is loading the default settings (Kibana, Elasticsearch and Filebeat).

And, the next thread i would make, How could Graylog2 receive input from filebeat harvest ? :slight_smile: i read forum and i notice GELF can be implemented.

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