How to save ordering for recreated index in search result

Hello. We need to storage items order in resulting search response after elasticsearch index is updating. Now we do this by sorting with _doc value, but for same field values getting different result after recreating elasticsearch index (with same data and processing order). We using ES v 5.5. I know, that in 6.0 is possible to put documents on disc with some ordering, it can help me to garant order in search response? Or i must add special field "doc_id" to all documents? How field _doc is calculated in ES?

Hope this helps start you on the journey:

Thanks for the answer. Before I asked the question, I was read this article and wrote about this in question content. I do not need to improve perfomance, only save the order of documents after index recreating. Can this feature for version 6.0 will help me?

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