How to search by time ranges (indexed field)

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Hi all,
trying to understand how to perform search within specific timelines, I guess it's range querying but in this case the 'timestamps' are within my indexed field. I tried some queries like "range" : { "ts" : { "gte" : "sometime", "lt" : "sometime" } } and .setQuery(QueryBuilders.rangeQuery("ts").from("sometime").to(sometime")) but got no hits returned. It seems the dates are not understandable by search client.
I read about mappings formats(date) but it seems it concerns only Types. What to do with the fields I get parsed from Logstash?
Below is the screenshot from Elastic HQ, I need to select by specific time-frame from Ts field. I would appreciate any help or thoughts.

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What is the ts field mapped as?

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The type of the Lucene query depends on the field type, for string fields, the TermRangeQuery, while for number/date fields, the query is a NumericRangeQuery.

So start there, or map the field correctly.

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