How to search data in where condition

Hi Team,

How to search as below condition when need search all without any key
" select * from XXX where header like '% abc%' '
for example:
i need to query all result, but if same ID ( same id like 'urn_newsml_reuters.com_20170413_nL8N1HL0Y7' and 'urn_newsml_reuters.com_20170413_nL8N1HL0Y7_abc') mean is one is general, another ones is for another purpose, the different is _XXX at behind), it only need show one.
my current code only

POST /news/ {  "query": { "bool": { "must": [  { "range": { "CDate": {  "gt": "2017-04-13T15:54:07" ,  "lte": "2017-04-13T23:59:59"  } } }  ] } },  "from": 0, "size": 100, "sort": [ { "CDate": { "order": "desc" } } ] }

this query only can search all, please kindly advice how to query as i told at above?

thanks and best regards

sorry Sharon, your problem description doesn't make sense to me. Can you provide concrete examples of docs you want to match and what not?

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