How to search for specific data range when indexes are created according to date

(Rahul Pradhan) #1

Our elastic installation contains years of data. Indexes are created according to date.
Eg. test-2015.04.03, test-2016.04.04 and so on.
If we want to search for specific data range like from 2016.04.04 - 2016.05.04 then how to do that. If we use wild card like trade-2016.04* then we end up searching into more indexes then we really want.
We are on elastic search 2.3.
I am aware of date maths support for index resolution but it always starts from now as reference date. like now +2 , now -2 etc.

(Mark Walkom) #2

ES uses to intelligently figure out what indices it needs to query, so you can just use the wildcards to simplify your queries.

(Rahul Pradhan) #3

Thanks for you response.

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