How to search Multiple dense vector fields, including nested filelds

I am working on semantic search, where i try to save processed results of scraped website data. Website has title, summary, sub_section_headings and sub_section_data. i am storing title & summary as dense vectors and sub_section_headings & sub_section_data as nested dense vectors [sub_section_data has more vectors than sub_section_headings]. my mapping is as below [using Elasticsearch version 7.10]

"mappings": {
            "dynamic": "strict",
            "properties": {
                "title_vector": {"type": "dense_vector","dims": 768},
                "summary_vector": {"type": "dense_vector","dims": 768},
                "sub_section_headings_vectors": {
                    "type": "nested",
                    "properties": {"vector": {"type": "dense_vector","dims": 768}}
                "sub_section_data_vectors": {
                    "type": "nested",
                    "properties": {"vector": {"type": "dense_vector", "dims": 768}}

Please suggest a method to search all these fields at a time, or at least multiple nested vectors.
my current query is as below

# for nested fields, sub_section_headings & sub_section_data 
'query': {
                'nested': {'path': 'sub_section_headings',
                           'score_mode': 'max',
                           'query': {'function_score': {'script_score': {'script': {
                               'source': ''(1.0+cosineSimilarity(params.query_vector, params.field))'',
                               'params': {'field': 'sub_section_headings.vector', 'query_vector': [0.32, 0.89, ...]}}}}}

# for title & summary
  'query': {
      'script_score': {
          'query': {'exists': {'field': 'title_vector'}},
          'script': {
              'source': '(1.0+cosineSimilarity(params.query_vector, params.field))',
              'params': {'field': 'title_vector', 'query_vector': [0.32, 0.89, ...]}

Currently i am doing 4 searches, one each for all the fields. , How can i optimise? Please help

Hi @shijithp007

You tried put the four clausules inside "should"?

@RabBit_BR is correct, you need to use a Boolean query | Elasticsearch Guide [8.6] | Elastic

You can then determine which clauses are "AND" clauses (must & filter), or "OR" clauses (should).

I would also recommend you upgrade to the latest version as 7.10 is EOL and a lot of improvements in this area has been made since that release.

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