How to search text in a table containing 100M rows?


I have a database that contains over 100 million rows in one table.

At the beginning we have used MySQL but it's been difficult to do a search (PHP, CakePHP) from within - it takes an hour to search words in a field that contains text.

After we migrated to MongoDB but we did not have the same search problem - takes 40 minutes to find a word in a field that contains text.

We are currently thinking about moving to ElasticSearch for better search time. Is that this is a good approach or is there a better tool for search in less than 3 min knowing my dedicated server contains just a Intel Xeon W3520 c 4/8 t + 2.66 GHz RAM 32 GB ECC under Debian and ispconfig3.

I want to know is that his is the right solution to go with my server and managed well the 100 million data.

(Nik Everett) #2

Its very different then WHERE LIKE in MySQL but you can absolutely search
100 million rows in tens of milliseconds so long as you don't try to return
a huge number of them. You should spend a while reading the getting started
so you understand what is going on before you make a decision though.


thank you for your answer, in your opinion what is the best way to get my response in time is 3 min max confuguration with my server

(Nik Everett) #4

Read the docs like I said, stick to term queries where you can - work on
making sure your analysis spits out the terms you want to search for.

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