How to secure elasticsearch for adding new node

I know Elasticsearch can scale upto may nodes and connect to cluster based on clustername and master node info.
if someone start a new node with by using same information cluster name and masternodes info the node will automatically get add in the cluster.
So here my question is how to secure elasticsearch by adding new node in cluster.

XPack security allows you to restrict which nodes can connect with IP filtering. You can also enforce the use of TLS client authentication via XPack TLS/SSL settings.

Without XPack security (or equivalent 3rd party solutions), an Elasticsearch cluster is not secured against access of any kind. You could, however, restrict network access via firewall rules.

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is free version of xpack provied this feature ?

No but there is a trial.

Thanks, so in that case for each node we have to purchase licence or one licence will work on cluster ?

This is a license for the cluster but the price depends on the number of nodes and the features you want. See ‪

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