How to secure elasticsearch on kubernetes

Hello, i have ELK deployed on a k8s cluster with helm charts. i wanted to add security to Elasticsearch so i can add users and control the access. but since i'm new to ELK i didn't know how or i found a good solution for it.

i added these lines in Elasticsearch values.yml file :

  elasticsearch.yml: | true true full /usr/share/elasticsearch/config/certs-gen/keystore.p12 /usr/share/elasticsearch/config/certs-gen/keystore.p12

i know adding these lines alone isn't enough, but what am i supposed to add after this.

any help on this ? thanks for reading

Have u looked at Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes [2.2] | Elastic at all? It handles security fo u.

With ECK, u really don't need any additional settings as ECK will setup all the certificates and stuff for u. I'd just do exactly what the docs walk u through and then u can start to make config changes once ur up and running.

hello @legoguy1000 i actually installed ECK and it worked like a charm didn't need to configure security and it's very flexible to use thank you

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