How to see/synchronize pcap file "Time" with kibana visualization?

How to see pcap data with respect to pcap time events in kibana?

Here in kibana, "Index contains time-based events" (if I checked the box then unable to load the "Time-field name"),If I unchecked the box only visualising the normal data with any time frame.

I want to see data with checked time at "Index contains time-based events" along with pcap time frame.

Below is my data ,

curl -XGET localhost:9200/test2/pcap2/327?pretty
  "_index" : "test2",
  "_type" : "pcap2",
  "_id" : "327",
  "_version" : 1,
  "found" : true,
  "_source" : {
    "Info" : "50038 > http [ACK] Seq=239 Ack=166 Win=64076 Len=0",
    "No." : "327",
    "Protocol" : "TCP",
    "Destination" : "",
    "Source" : "",
    "Length" : "60",
    **"Time" : "390.453793"**

You'll need to convert the pcap time value into a time field that elasticsearch understands. Consider using logstash with the plugin

I had imported into elasticsearch without logstash.So could you please let me know to elasticsearch ? or any otherway? -Thanks for quick response splager

You'll have to reindex the data then @Gurram_Vinay, but I'm not sure how to convert the value of the Time field into an actual date, which is why I recommend the pcap input for logstash.

Logstash will help you here if you can go back and use it.

well, my intention was to do some static analysis using of packet capture files(a bunch of pcap's). I wanted to do some specific data - analytics or search which is possible by the only elasticsearch, however, it is not possible through logstash. Well, after the analytics -- I want to visualise them through kibana(specifically with the time stamp of pcap). Well thanks for reply -@spalger

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