How to see the filebeat dashboard after enabling the filebeat through central beat management?

Dear Members,

i have successfully enrolled the filebeat through kibana ui by using central beat management.
After enrolling the beat filebeat.yml is like below :

enabled: true
period: 1m0s
access_token: ${management.accesstoken}
protocol: http
host: elastic.********.com:5601
ssl: null
timeout: 10s
ignoreversion: true
output: console|file

i am unable to see the filebeat-* data in kibana dashboards?
Here my question is how to load the filebeat data into kibana ?

Do you see any errors in your Filebeat log?

Hi @shaunak,

Thank you for the reply. issue with the log-file not updating from past 2 days. i had fixed the logfile and now i can see the filebeat-* in kibana dashboard


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