How to check if Filebeat instances are alive or not and display it in a Kibana dashboard?


I have a Logstash instance and several filebeat instances listening specific directories. All filebeats push data to Logstash. The files in log directories wont come in a regular basis, and the intervals can be seconds to minutes to hours. Is there any way to display filebeat instances as alive/dead in a Kibana dashboard (or a similar way), so that when I take that dashboard, I can see how many filebeats are up / not.

Thank you.

We don't currently this functionality, but we are working on central monitoring, which will solve exactly this issue. The implementation model will follow the one used by Logstash, which has already released their central monitoring feature. Please note that parts of this monitoring functionality will be non-open-source, but all of it will be free as part of X-pack basic.

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