How to send data in index from ELK Stack to Prometheus?

Hello, I'm working on my project that use ELK Stack to receive syslog from network devices (router and switch) and then send them to Prometheus. Now I'm tried using Elasticsearch exporter but I can't find syslog in Prometheus. Is there anyway to make Prometheus get the data in ELK index?

Hi @jom0 Welcome to the community!

I think there's some basic concepts here first.

Prometheus is for metrics such as infrastructure metrics like CPU, RAM, IO etc. And lots more.

Syslog are logged textual log events.. IE logs.

Logs and metrics are two fundamentally different but related items.

Prometheus is not typical used for logs.

Typically you use something else for logs like ELK stack, which can also do metrics.

Now for your base question... Can Prometheus read indexes from elastic? Not as far as I know that's not the intended purpose.

Prometheus can read / ship performance metrics about elastic, but it's not built to read the indexes from within elastic.

You can ship from Prometheus to elasticsearch though. So then you would have your logs and metrics in one place if you want.

Hope that helps.


Thank you very much.

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