How to send "Hello World " from Netbeans into Elasticsearch Index

hello Folks,
i am new on REST API in Java in order to send a simple String "Hello World" from Java Netbeans to Elasticsearch Index.
Can anybody please tell me how to write the Connection String in Netbeans to Put(send) the String "Hello World" in Elasticsearch Index?

I will be thankfull for any Answer.

What did you try so far from the documentation?

Anyway here is an example:

Specifically this line of code:

thx for Response, i did not try anything yet from the documentation ?

it looks complicated for me, i though with just one Connection line in Netbeans , so that java will send the String "Hello World" automaticly to Elasticsearch, but it seems i have to download the jar_files for the Elasticsearch librarys , and what should i exactly import in Netbeans?

You're new to Java/Maven/Gradle, right?

Anyway that's more a netbean question than an elasticsearch question. I don't know netbean so I guess you'd better ask on their forum.

If you have any question regarding to elasticsearch client feel free to ask here.

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