How to send HTTP verbs to ElasticSearch

I am running elasticsearch on my Windows computer on port 9200. I am trying to write a method in C# to create an index, but I keep getting erred out.

Here's a snippet from C#

string jsonPayload = $"{indexName}";
byte[] data = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(jsonPayload);
using (var client = new System.Net.WebClient())
	client.UploadData(elasticAddress, "PUT", data);

Essentially, I'm trying to do what Kibana does from the Dev Tools page: PUT indexname to create an index.

Anyone have advice on how I can use C# to make HTTP calls to my ElasticSearch client running at port 9200? I want to work with HTTP directly, and not go through the Elastic client.


This is going to send indexName bytes in the body of the request, which is not correct.

I would recommend starting with one of the official .NET clients for Elasticsearch, either Elasticsearch.Net (low level client) or NEST (high level client). I would suggest the high level client unless you have a good reason for using the low level client.

Then, creating and index is

var elasticAddress= "http://localhost:9200";
var pool = new SingleNodeConnectionPool(new Uri(elasticAddress));
var settings = new ConnectionSettings(pool);

var client = new ElasticClient(settings);

var indexName = "indexName";

var createIndexResponse = client.CreateIndex(indexName);

if (createIndexResponse.IsValid)
    Console.WriteLine($"index '{indexName}' created");

Check out the client docs for more details.

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