How to send invitation to my friends for the elastic forum, so that I can claim Campaigner badge

Hi All,
Like to invite few of my contacts to the discussion forum
How to invite my friends to the discussion forum,. I am aiming to gain the campaigner badge

Please pass the url on how to send invitation
Joseph John

Under your profile you will see an Invites section.

Hi Warkolm,
thank for the reply.
In my user profile, I am not seeing the options to send invitation.
Screen shot attached for reference

Can you refresh and check now?

Hi Warkolam,
thanks for reply
I did refresh, restarted my machine, my profile do not show the option
I am attaching the the latest screen shot for the reference

Invites is a TL2 kind of thing:

As a basic user you don't have access to the feature.

@warkolm could bypass this in your case by bumping up your trust level in the admin console.

Our setting is TL1 though, which has me confused.

That is default invitee trust level, there is no "min_trust_level_to_invite_users` setting, though I think it could be an interesting toggle to add.

Ahh gotcha.

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Would this min_trust_level_to_invite_users be possible to add?