How to send just one response header in Packetbeat?

(Eugene Glotov) #1


I want to catch the 'x-custom' header in logstash from packetbeat. In configuration I have "send_headers" key, bit it is not working for response.

    #    send_all_headers: true # with this option I can see all headers, but I don't need them all
    send_headers: ["x-custom"] # this doesn't work

(Monica Sarbu) #2

send_headers should work for both response and request. What version of Packetbeat are you using? I have tried the latest Packetbeat version and it works just fine for me. Can you please make sure the HTTP request contains such a header? Thanks!

(Eugene Glotov) #3

I have version 1.3.1. And yes, I can see the header in the response if send_all_headers option is on.
Ok, if this option should work with a both way, I'll try to test it again.

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