How to send logstash exec cmd output to elasticsearch

Hi ,

I 'm using exec output plugin and i want to send output of exec cmd to elasticsearch.

My logstash conf as shown below

input {
file {
     path => "/log/sample.log"
     start_position => "beginning"
grok {
 match => { "message" => "%{GREEDYDATA:myfilename}}
  exec {
    command => "ls %{myfilename}"
#this is just sample cmd but i want to use filename to pass it cmd and get the file details here


now is there is any to send exec cmd output to elasticsearch??

please share your input here.

Outputs don't send stuff to other outputs. Look at the exec input plugin instead.

But i need to pass file_name to the exec cmd during run time , so is there any filter plugin available which will run shell cmd ?

No, I do not think so. It would be a very slow filter that would affect performance and also potentially dangerous from a security standpoint. What is it you are trying to achieve? What is the use-case?

use case is i'm parsing log file but which only provides file_name and other details now i want to this file_name and get the file_attributes of that file using cmd and then merge this info and create index file_name + file_attribute info

Here is the flow

log file --> logtash (extract file_name from log) ---> pass this file_name to cmd and get file attributes --> index into elasticsearch with filename + file attributes details

What would be the best way to achieve this?

also note that : i dont have permission to modify log file where i can add file attributes along with file attributes

I can not think of any filter that will allow you to do that out of the box. It may be possible to do it through a ruby plugin, but may also require a custom plugin.

sure thanks @Christian_Dahlqvist

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