How to separate bars from each other in Timelion Kibana?

I would like to see the red and blue bars next to each other and not stacked on top of each other.

Note: doing .bars(stack=false) didn't work for me.

Timelion code:

.es(index=stage-athena-aux*, metric=avg:duration_time_per_row_per_month, timefield=capture_local_date, split=machine_id.keyword:2).title('Minutes of operation').label(regex='.* machine_id.keyword:(.*) > .*', label='$1').bars(width=12, stack=true).color(darkred:darkblue).legend(position=ne,columns=1)

Simply change the boolean within your existing .bar expression:
.bars(width=12, stack=true) to .bars(width=12, stack=false)

In my post I already mentioned that .bars(width=12, stack=false) doesn't work because the blue line will cover the red line.

After adding the change that you recommended, this is what the graph looks like.

but to explain what exactly is going on, have a look at the timestamp 2019-07-06. You will see just a blue line, but in reality the blue line is covering the red line.

Here is another picture when the blue line is hidden.

Now look at 2019-07-06 again. You will see that there was a red line, but that didn't show up in the previous screenshot. Therefore, I don't really know if this is a bug or not. Please let me know, thanks.

Can you share a screenshot of that result?

Just updated my previous reply.

I think this might be a bug, could you please confirm the issue? thanks

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