How to serialise and store Relationnal "Star model " database i

Hello everybody hope you're doing great,

i'm a total NooB at elastic-Search and i researched on the internet how to store highly related table with elastic search but it's quite confusing, here's my problem,

I have Approximately 16 Tables (one fact table and the other are dimensions tables), i could do a SQL request where i join all the table in an array of long rows containing all the fields and mapping it in a tree way, but there will be tons of duplicated fields,

For exemple the dimension table A " contain 3 persons: p1,p2,p3" and a Fact Table contain more than 1000 row (for examples) and all these row have foreign keys/references to these 3 persons,

So what's the ideal way to store it?

putting each table in a different Index or category or to embed everything in one single object per row ?

Thanks in advance

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