How to set elasticsearch index store?

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You know, The elasticsearch index can store in memory or in disk. I want to konw which date can store in memory and which date can store in disk?
The difference of store in memory and store in disk?
How to set the es index store? Just revise the configuration or still has many other method?
If you know, please help me.


There used to be an option to store the index in memory but it has been removed since it did not improve performance compared to the mmap-based store, which maps the index in memory using the mmap system call.

I would advise to use the defaults as far as the index store is concerned.

Hi, @jpountz:
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Depending on your point of view, ES1.X has the memory store, But In ES2.X, we just use the default store type (hybrid niofs and mmapfs). We do not need to focus on the underlying storage.

I find the document from

Sentence summary:
Use mmapfs on Windows 64bit systems;
Use simplefs on the windows 32bit systems;
In addition to default default_fs (hybrid niofs and mmapfs), such as Linux systems.

Whether my summary is correct or not?

Yes, this is how the defaut store will be chosen by default by elasticsearch, which should give the best performance/stability.

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