How to set friendly name of ca certificate generated by elasticsearch-certutil tool

Hi, I'm trying to enable ssl for elasticsearch 6.6.1.
With --ca-dn parameter, I can specify the dn info.
While I don't see a way to specify the friendly name for the ca certificate in ca mode.

// ./elasticsearch-certutil ca --ca-dn "CN=CA1" --out "ca-1.p12"
In cert mode, I can specify the cert friendly with the --name parameter, not for the ca mode.
// ./elasticsearch-certutil cert --name "Cert 1 From CA 1" --ca "ca-1.p12" --out "cert-1.p12"

Thank you.


What do you mean by "friendly name" ? If this is just the filename, you can

  • If you use --pem then you can't specify the name of the CA certificate, it will be ca.crt . But you can always rename if afterwards.
  • If you don't use --pem then you can set --out to specify the name of the .p12 file

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