How to set up a cluster?

Does Elasticsearch have any step-by-step tutorials on how to set up a 3-node cluster?

I've seen the following docs [1, 2], but they are just concepts, they don't show which files to edit and which commands to run.

Hey @TomTom !

Some additional context may help a little. There are many resources for configuring cluster and also many ways to configure them to your needs.

If this is going to be a dev cluster for your own local development, then maybe using docker to help get started would be best - try the official docks or this one-node tutorial which can be modified for more nodes.

If you're looking to install on-prem, you can start here to help determine the best way for install.

It may also be beneficial to watch someone else work through an install which is what one community member did a while back (on AWS). This video is a little older, but much of it can still learned from.

The easiest way to get started if you're looking to dive in is with the Elastic Cloud, but there are so many other ways to configure an environment to your liking.

Feel free to add any additional context about your situation and the community would be happy to help you on your journey!

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