How to setup multiple Logstash conf reading the same input

I want to push 2 different transformations of the same data to 2 different outputs.
conf-v1: source/.txt -> filter A -> output 1
conf-v2: source/
.txt -> filter B -> output 2

If I use 2 different pipelines, they will still use the same sincedb which will result in data loss.

How to achieve the above?

Hi LogSpree,

You can explicitly define sincedb_path in configuration files.

conf-v1: source/ .txt

sincedb_path => "/path/.sincedb_confv1"

conf-v2: source/ .txt

sincedb_path => "/path/.sincedb_conf-v2"


This is something I just found ... forked pipelines ...
Would it help?

Yes you can use forked pipelines as shown in example or you can change the sincedb_path and proceed.

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