How to setup snapshot repository for multi node cluster?


I am familiar with snapshots and snapshot repositories on a single node cluster.
Currently I am triggering snapshots via cron calling REST API via curl.

Now I am setting up my first multi node cluster, and I need to implement cyclic snapshots for backup purpose.

What do I need to think about? What is changing when dealing with multi node cluster instead of single node cluster?

Target: Make a consistent snapshot of the whole cluster, that I am able to restore it's state to a given snapshot.

I would assume that I need to propagate a share / volume which is writable by all nodes. Then I setup each node to use the same repository, pointing to the same volume / share. For creating a snapshot I call the REST-API via curl on one of the nodes. That one takes care that all nodes are backing up their primary shards.

Is my understanding correct or do I need to deal with some other aspects?

Thanks a lot,

Your understanding sounds correct, but please ask further questions if you get stuck.

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