How to share time lion sheet to external web page and modify values in url?


I want to create a flexible dashboard to support our load tests.
Timelion will be used with offset function to show graphs of the test baseline and the test iteration in one panel overlapping.

Since It is not a static offset like "-1w", I need to calculate the offset between start of test iteration and start of test baseline in seconds. This offset result needs to replace the offset which is set in the url.

The calculation can be done via java script in the external web page, i think.
But how do I share a dashboad of the timelion plugin? I do not see any share option.
If I share a normal dashboard via link, then there is only the reference to the visualization in the url, but not the details / code of the viz itself. So I cannot modify it.

Any solutions.

I am currently on Kibana 5.1.2.

Thanks, Andreas

Hi Andreas,

Unfortunately we don't have a way to template dashboards in the  manner you defined in Timelion.


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