How to show Total Count in numbers from Bar Chart

Hello Everyone,

Using Bar chart i want to show Values (Overall count) in chart left side /right side .kindly anyone help me how to do



You need to create a dashboard or a Canvas workpad to put together those two visualizations together.

Hi @jsanz,

I created a dashboard but i didn't get how to merge & get total count values for x axis

Sorry I was not fully clear, if I understood well your question, you want to have both a bar chart and a metric with the total count, you can create a dashboard with both, a bar chart, and a metric visualization together like this (using Kibana Flights sample dataset and Elastic 7.7).

Is this what you meant?

@jsanz, Exactly i want whole count from the left side of bar chart Y-axis

@jsanz , Can you help me how to get count as numerical for the bar chart.


Have you tried the Metric visualization?, the default aggregation is to show the count, so you literally don't have to do almost anything

Yes! @jsanz I tried Metric Visualization . I am getting output below like this.
But I need overall count of all years from the data, Not each year

just remove the aggregation you added, as I mentioned, literally the defaults of the visualization should give you the desired value

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