How to specify time range in URI query?

I need to use URI type of query string format (not the -d json type), and I need to specify the time range in the search string, but not sure how.

this works nicely:
curl -s -XGET ".../logstash-*/_search?size=5&q=metrictype:os+fields:datetime,cpu,disk"

after adding in the time, it failed:
curl -s -XGET '.../logstash-*/_search?q=metrictype:os+datetime:["2016-08-30 10:00:00" to "2016-08-30 10:30:00" ]+fields:datetime,cpu,disk'

curl -s -XGET ".../logstash-*/_search?q=metrictype:os+datetime:["2016-08-30 10:00:00" to "2016-08-30 10:30:00" ]+fields:datetime,cpu,disk"

Anyone has a working example? Thanks a lot!

You need to use TO instead of to.

Thank you David.
I made a few changes to make the command work:

  1. change to to TO
  2. use curl with -g option as suggested by some online article
  3. use below format for the time range, both works

May be the format is "string" but not "date" as you can't search them.