How to split gauge by more than one group


I have the following document example for my disk_size index.

{"available": "156", "node": "aio3", "used": "121", "use_precent": "59", "filesystem": "/dev/vdc1", "collection_id": "1001", "mounted on": "/boot", "size": "291"}

I have several nodes and each has several filesystems,
I would like to create a visualization for each file system in each node currently I fail to see all because I split the group using Terms aggregation on node.keyword thus I see all nodes but only the unique file systems.

Appreciate it.

As far as I can tell sub buckets for gauges aren't supported, so you'll have to hack it a bit. I'm not sure if there's technical reasons for it but I think its a reasonable enhancement request if you want to file at

I'd try making a scripted field that concatenates node and filesystem and then bucketing off that field.

Thanks @jbudz.
I will do both.

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