How to stagger results by same source id but default sorted by date?

I have a situation where I have a set of documents that by default sorts by datetime so most resent documents are top listed. The dilemma is that a company can send us a feed of data so that companies results can take up a whole page being that all the new documents are within the same datetime. How can I sort by date time but stagger results by a customers id so that the entire home wont be the same companies results if they sent us alot of postings in a feed?

Hi there, depending on your setup, there's several options available to you to control the results returned. Search APIs | Elasticsearch Guide [8.5] | Elastic Are you using App Search, Workplace Search or are you utilizing search optimized Elasticsearch indices to build your search experience?

We are running indices on Elasticsearch service 7.16.1, basically each document has a customerid of an integer and a posteddate. We do a function score query with a date decay to boost the most recent posteddates to the top. the goal would to stagger the customerid's even though the posteddates are almost the exact since they are indexed all at the same time for that given customer. Thanks, any insight will help.

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