How to start elasticsearch?


My elasticsearch service is being stopped upon exit from the terminal. How do i stop happening that?

./elasticsearch [2016-10-25 11:44:40,600][INFO ][node ] [Harry Leland] version[2.4.1], pid[8729], build[c67dc32/2016-09-27T18:57:55Z] [2016-10-25 11:44:40,601][INFO ][node ] [Harry Leland] initializing ... [2016-10-25 11:44:41,656][INFO ][plugins ] [Harry Leland] modules [reindex, lang-expression, lang-groovy], plugins [], sites [] [2016-10-25 11:44:41,692][INFO ][env ] [Harry Leland] using [1] data paths, mounts [[/apps (/dev/xvdb1)]], net usable_space [88.5gb], net total_space [93.7gb], spins? [no], types [ext4] [2016-10-25 11:44:41,692][INFO ][env ] [Harry Leland] heap size [1007.3mb], compressed ordinary object pointers [true] [2016-10-25 11:44:41,693][WARN ][env ] [Harry Leland] max file descriptors [4096] for elasticsearch process likely too low, consider increasing to at least [65536] [2016-10-25 11:44:44,820][INFO ][node ] [Harry Leland] initialized [2016-10-25 11:44:44,820][INFO ][node ] [Harry Leland] starting ... [2016-10-25 11:44:45,027][INFO ][transport ] [Harry Leland] publish_address {}, bound_addresses {} [2016-10-25 11:44:45,036][INFO ][discovery ] [Harry Leland] elasticsearch/FXUp97iTQdqxEkgfVtZ2fw [2016-10-25 11:44:48,152][INFO ][cluster.service ] [Harry Leland] new_master {Harry Leland}{FXUp97iTQdqxEkgfVtZ2fw}{}{}, reason: zen-disco-join(elected_as_master, [0] joins received) [2016-10-25 11:44:48,221][INFO ][http ] [Harry Leland] publish_address {}, bound_addresses {} [2016-10-25 11:44:48,221][INFO ][node ] [Harry Leland] started [2016-10-25 11:44:48,242][INFO ][gateway ] [Harry Leland] recovered [0] indices into cluster_state ^C[2016-10-25 11:45:10,469][INFO ][node ] [Harry Leland] stopping ... [2016-10-25 11:45:10,484][INFO ][node ] [Harry Leland] stopped [2016-10-25 11:45:10,484][INFO ][node ] [Harry Leland] closing ... [2016-10-25 11:45:10,491][INFO ][node ] [Harry Leland] closed

Can you describe your use case a bit more?

As a general advise I'd suggest following our installation guide here

Hope that helps,

That's why, you are running the process in the foreground and then calling interrupt.