How to start Fscrawler after downloading its Zip file

I want to read a PDF file through Fscrawler but i just dont know how to start it after downloading it was written that start with bin command but when i explore the folder there was no bin folder

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spacesbeans deploy-settings.xml elasticsearch-client lgtm.yml pom.xml rest test-documents
cli core distribution framework LICENSE settings test-framework crawler docs integration-tests NOTICE src tika

There is no bin folder kindly tell me how to start and how to send my PDF file to ELK

Download it from

Prefer the latest snapshot. It's more advanced and "stable".

Thank you for the reply....when i installed it and try to run it after seeing one video to send pdf files in bulk..

This error came..kindly suggest me where i am wrong

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You need to use the v6 version as you are using elasticsearch 6.8.
From here:

Thank you ..everthing is working fine with fscrawler now

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