How to Stop, _close or re-index in Amazon ES (AWS)

I want to update mappings of existing index in Amazon ES (AWS).

But i am getting error...."Your request 'https://amazon.xx.xxxxxx/testindex/_close' is not allowed by Amazon ElasticSearch service"

Any suggestion?

AWS service is known to block some of the APIs.
You can’t do that then.

May be create a new index, and delete the old one?

Have you considered

I think deleting an existing index and creating new one is not an appropriate approach...... There must be some way to do this in AWS.

Currently, i don't have licence for . So that's why i was trying to utilize my existing AWS membership.
AWS supports Elastic Search through ElasticSearch Service. But i am not aware of unsupported features through AWS ES.

Cloud by elastic runs on AWS. And you can use your AWS account to be billed.


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