How to store shards in elasticsearch, when there are to path set(

I have one node elasticsearch cluster, and configure it with two path to
store shadrs, like here,/parttwo. The 1 GB hard disk was
mounted on /partone folder and 5 GB hard disk was mounted on /parttwo
folder. I used approximately 483 MB file to index, and then 536644 docs
appeared in this node. When I remove the hole files in /partone folder, the
number of docs became to 531833. It means some of docs were stored in
/partone folder.

I read from elasticsearch website as follows: The multiple data locations
allows to stripe it. The striping is simple, placing whole files in one of
the locations, and deciding where to place the file based on the location
with greatest free space.

And my question is if the striping is based on the location with greatest
free space, the hole file should stored in parttwo folder which size is
larger than partone folder's, isn't it? Why there exist a small file in

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