How to sum two fields in Kibana?

I have two different fields. Let Suppose A and B and I want sum of these two fields A+B and create new field and save records in this new created field.

Hi @padamrai ,

You can create a scripted field, go to Stack Management -> Index Pattern -> select index pattern -> Scripted fields tab and hit Create:

Regards, Dzmitry

Thanks Dear Dzmitry,
I have a question after apply this formulla, In which field it is saved?

It will be saved in the field that you created, you must specify the name of your wish here:

Regards, Dzmitry

Thank you so much Dear Dzmitry I got it.

Syntax Error:
doc['CreditedAmount'].value + doc['debitedAmount'].value
Script is invalid. View script preview for details


Be careful and check that your fields always have valid number as a value. If not, you need to modify script so it handles it. In first post I shared an article with nice examples. You can also use script preview to see why it fails.

Good luck!

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