How to take backup in elasticsearch 0.90?

Hello all, I am new to elasticsearch and I don't know how many indices/index is there on my existing server, I have to move elasticsearch along with whole data from one server to another with same version (0.90.13), now I found snapshot and restore is there but it is not there for this version. How to move the data ?

If you have only one node, then stop the node, copy the data dir to the new machine and start the new node.

But this is really old!

Okay, thank you David for the response.
Yes it is really old but OpenedX is keen on using it.

Out of curiosity, what is "OpenedX"?

Open edX is a e learning platform.

Ha that's what I thought but I was missing the space between Open and edX :slight_smile:

And why upgrading is not something the team is thinking of?

Oh, that space would be my fault.
I am just a developer who is using what they develop.
I am not from the edX team, and thus I don't know much about "whys and whats". :slight_smile:

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I see. Thanks!

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