How to take backup of elasticsearch service config?

how to take backup of config /etc/elasticsearch//conf..?

How did you install it?

can you pls explain a bit what you want to do exactly??

I have two cluster. One is general and another one is production. In one cluster I have 4 nodes Suppose if any one node or all the four nodes down, how i will take backup of elk stack config?

Right, so how did you install it?

if you are talking about index or indices back up then u can take the same with the help of CURATOR.


if you are talking about your .conf file then simple create a backup folder and save all the conf file in that folder for future reference.

What is the curator command to take snapshot? $ curator snapshot --repository < repository name > indices < index selection parameters >. Is this a correct way?

Those commands look quite out of date. Please see the current Curator snapshot documentation.

Thanks theuntergeek...

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