How to take elasticsearch index backup to HDFS

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I want to take elasticsearch index backup and store into HDFS. Can anyone please help me?


Have you looked at the snapshot and restore functionality and the HDFS snapshot plugin?

Thanks for your response.

Yes we installed repository-hdfs plugin in all node in the cluster and restarted.

When we send snapshot request it throwing error response.


     PUT _snapshot/my_hdfs_repository
         "type": "hdfs",
         "settings": {
         "uri": "hdfs://xxxxxxxx:12345/",
         "path": "/dev/test/snapshot",
         "security.principal": "abc@TEST-xyv.COM"


{ "error" : { "root_cause" : [ { "type" : "repository_exception", "reason" : "[my_hdfs_repository] failed to create repository" } ], "type" : "repository_exception", "reason" : "[my_hdfs_repository] failed to create repository", "caused_by" : { "type" : "unchecked_i_o_exception", "reason" : "Cannot create HDFS repository for uri [hdfs://yyyyyyy:12345/ "caused_by" : { "type" : "i_o_exception", "reason" : "Failed on local exception: org.apache.h s : local host is: \"\"; destination host is "caused_by" : { "type" : "i_o_exception", "reason" : "**org.apache.hadoop.ipc.RpcException**: RPC response exceeds m "caused_by" : { "type" : "rpc_exception", "reason" : "RPC response exceeds maximum data length" } } } } }, "status" : 500 }

Please help me to resolve this issue. Thanks in advance.

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